Second Week: MTC and Colorado Bound

Because our mission call involves working in a mission home office, we had basic office training, May 25-28, 2015.  Here’s our office group:

Students from left: Lawes, Nelsons, Newman and Proctor. Teachers: front Sister Fairbanks, far right, Brothers Clark and Heaton. It gave us a small overview of possible responsibilities. Though we all struggled, we also survived.

One day a returned senior couple, named Bolliger, came to class. Kentucky was where they had served in a mission office. Our nephew, Zac Baker, served in that exact mission. The Bolligers told us about making a binder full of the missionaries’ experiences called “Tender Mercies.” Zac had told us about this couple but we never thought we would by chance meet them. Small world!

The Devotional on Tuesday night was very special. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, an apostle, was the speaker. He taught us about conversion and opening our mouths. He challenged everyone to find favorite 20 scriptures about opening one’s mouth when we returned to our rooms that night. We fulfilled this assignment and found more than 20.

   We said good-by Thursday after class to friends ( Lawes in Picture), took a few more photos, and began our trip to Texas by way of Colorado on May 28th. We spent the night in Grand Junction, CO. 

The next morning our trip resumed as we made our way to our daughter’s, Stephanie’s, home in Castle Rock.


After driving through the Colorado Mountains where we followed the Colorado River most of the way, we stopped in Castle Rock, CO to spend the night with our daughter, Stepanie, and family.

 Having dinner together are Dave, Trenton, Sam, Jeffrey, Stephanie and Jenna.


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