June 8 – June 14, 2015 Lots of Activities at the Temple

The second week of serving in the mission office found us learning more about our duties.   Elder and Sister Edwards are our trainers and we learned new responsibilities each day.  The Edwards will be training us for the first month and then leaving us on our own part of the time during the second month.  After the second month, their mission will be complete.  We are grateful for their diligence and teaching.

Betty is learning the responsibilities of the financial secretary: pay bills for the mission, write lots of letters related to missionaries arriving and being released, requesting the airline tickets, adding money to individual missionary support cards, and etc.

Dave’s duties include arranging for apartments, furnishings, monitoring any needed repairs or pest problems (bed bugs and roaches), and overseeing cell phones for the mission.so you could say we are concerned with billings and bed bugs!

Elder and Sister Stevens also work at the offic. Sister Stevens is the receptionist/office secretary. Here she is with Elders Perez and Serrano who stopped by the office.

Elder Stevens oversees all the vehicles in the mission which is a 24/7 job.

On Saturday, June 13th, Mark and Brooke, drove up to the Texas Houston Temple where we met them.  Also with us were our new friends from the mission office, Elder and Sister Stevens.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of all six of us together.  After the temple attendance, the group went out to dinner together at an Italian resturant.

Elder and Sister Nelson with Sister and Elder Stevens

The next day, Sunday June 14, 2015, the mission held a temple grounds tour.  Missionaries or members of various wards (congregations) in the mission area Inviited friends and investigators to attend with them. 300 people came that night. Tours were conducted every 15 minutes in English and Spanish, alternating. President Mortensen said some visitors always ask if they can be baptized because they want to have the sweet spiritual feeling they found on the temple grounds. The evening was a neat experience and very enjoyable.

DSC_0307                     DSC_0300

DSC_0260       DSC_0277

You can see us in the next to last picture.            Elder Barlow talking to a group


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