Tropical Storm Bill and a Busy Week: June 15-21, 2015

Monday afternoon, June 15, we were at the mission office when a call came from President Mortensen for all missionaries to make sure they had food and water for the coming Tropical Storm, Bill.  We left to shop at the grocery store where we found a busy crowd also stocking up.  The water was almost all gone. The next two days were raining now and then and a little windy the second morning.  But Bill didn’t produce the heavy rain that was predicted.


We had a Senior Missionary Conference to attend on Saturday, June 20th, at President Chappel’s home.  President Chappel is a counselor in the Mission Presidency.  He and his wife hosted a luncheon serving the main course while all the missionaries brought pot luck items.  We took some date stuffed with cream cheese which were quite popular plus a dessert.  The luncheon was enjoyable and we were able to meet some new Senior Missionaries who serve in other parts of the mission.



Front row:  Wolfleys, Diamond, LeBarons, Edwards, Johnson, Betty, Stevens       Back row: Chappel, Ardmores, Edwards, Johnson, Dave



Sunday, June 21, 2015, Mark and Brooke invited us to spend Father’s Day with them.  We drove down, attended church with the family, enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and had fun being with them.  While the adults were talking, the children went outside, began to investigate the garden, and came back with a surprise.


The garden hadn’t been tended for a couple of weeks because of all the rain Houston had been receiving. So the kids found these giant zucchinis.


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