Working at the Office.  July 8 – July 12, 2015

To start our day Monday through Friday, the two of us exercise. We either go to the apartment rec room and walk on a tread mill or walk around a small lake outside our apartment door. We see different animals in the mornings. There are also deer in this area which we’ve seen while driving to the office in the mornings.

Dave and Betty work at the Texas Houston Mission Office 9 am to 5 pm. Our apartment is on the same road as the office about a mile north. So we are able to drive home each day for lunch. 


It’s been interesting to watch the younger missionaries come into the office to aquire visuals and teaching supplies. A couple of Sisters wanted a large print set of scriptures for an elderly lady. Another day two Elders needed a Book of Mormon in Armenian for a man. In a metropolitan city like Houston, many ethnics and languages are present. 

These pictures show the variety of languages the missionaries can use if the need arises. Our mission also has American Sign Language missionaries. It’s quite impressive to me how everyone, no matter their native language or customs, are loved and sought after by our Heavenly Father. His eternal plan is for all men, women and children.


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