Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday morning was the only day to haul furnishings to Sisters Pinster and Selee for a newly leased apartment. They had been in the place for a week without furnishings but there were other apartment moves to make during the week plus  the missionaries were having Zone Conferences with President Mortensen. So 6 elders arrived to help load the trailor and 6 different ones did the unloading.  

On the way we bought gas at a famous service station/ store called Buc-ee’s. It is huge, interesting and full of all sorts of stuff. 

With us on our adventure were Elder and Sister Stevens. Elder Stevens drove the rig.  When the trailor was unloaded at the Sisters apartment in Caldwell, TX, we drove on to College Station.  

 Lunch was at Abuelo’s restaurant. With a full stomach, we were ready to visit the George Bush Memorial Library. We all enjoyed our time there immensely. 

 Dave had a chat with George about UN issues while I took care of his phone calls in the Oval Office.


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