It’s September already!

Seeing Mark, Brooke and the children was sure fun yesterday Saturday, September 19, 2015. We met them at the football field in their neighborhood where Adam was playing his first flag football game. Also there were Brooke’s parents who were visiting from Utah. After lunch we all headed down to Brazos Bend Wildlife Park to see the alligators.


There were super trees to climb, baby alligators to see, fishermen feeding their catch to a lurking alligator beneath the pier, birds, a turtle, and of course the bigger alligators.


It was sort of hot but we drank lots of water and had a great nature walk.


That evening, Elder Delucca and Edwards had a family of three who were baptized. We had met the parents last month after the President’s Missionary Fireside. These missionaries had found these three by just knocking on doors.

Elder Edwards, Sister & Brother Saenz with their son, Elder Delucca

The evening before our transfer September 23, 2015, Elder Louder called the Mission Office to ask if we had his passport.  Elder Louder is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We had the passport so he came by to get it but before he could leave this picture was taken in front of the office’s big board of missionaires. Sister Stevens lovely prepares each picture for our missionaries.

Elder Nelson, Elder Croft, Elder Louder, Elder Visser, Sister Nelson

Elder Louder is a departing Assistant to the President, Elder Croft is a newly called AP, and Elder Visser is a current AP.

Time flies when you are–working hard. Our duties at the office have been filling our time 9-5 and some spilling over into the weekend. Another transfer is next week, new apartments must be secured. After the “Big Transfer” last month many threesome companionships were created because there weren’t enough experienced missionaries to assign as trainers. In fact a few missionaries who had only been on their mission 6 weeks were asked to be a trainer. So now the threesomes are being assigned into twosomes which calls for the need for new housing. Plus last Sunday two new wards were announced meaning new prosteying areas. Today, Sunday September 20, 2015, we attended church and then drove to Madisonville, Texas (about 1 1/4 hours north of Houston) to look at apartments. Here’s Dave checking one out.

We looked at several more then on our way out of town to see one more we noticed the church on the Main Street, a few cars parked there, and so we turned around. Out walked 2 couples. One couple Brother & Sister Murders have lived in this town 34 years. They said of all the apartments we had seen, the first one (pictured above) was the best location and that missionaries had lived there before. That made the decision much easier. The timing of meeting this couple was perfect. A perfect example of the Lord’s Tender Mercies in one’s life.

Here are the two cute sisters, Sister Renteria ( family lives in Mexicali, Sonora, Mexico). and Sister Jolley, who came by the Mission Office a few days later as they were moving up to Madisonville. Their car was packed with personal items. They needed some kitchen and bath things from the storage garages at the office. These items they crammed into all the little spaces. They were excited to be going to Madisonville, Texas.


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