Now It’s October 2015

Good-bye September!  You were one super busy month.  Just take a look at this calendar for that month.  It’s filled with Financial and Travel responsibilities.  The blue, green, yellow and pink highlighting are a reminder of a travel need for one of four different transfer dates in the current month or in the months to come. Travel is in the works starting four months ahead of the actual transfer date when missionaries are being released and new ones arriving. And, of course, financials items are an everyday responsibility such as paying bills, reconciling the office credit cards, or requesting support money for the young missionaries.

 The Elders always find things to do outside or need to run errands. Wink, wink!

We welcomed the first weekend of October with an exciting and historical General Conference broadcast from Salt Lake City, UT.  Historical because three new apostles were called and sustained during the afternoon session of conference.  Exciting because we received so many wonderful talks by President Thomas S. Monson, the apostles, various members of the Seventy, women of the Relief Society General Presidency and Young Women’s Organization.  Dave and I watched conference at the church building where we attend meetings each Sunday.  Also watching were many of our missionaries which really was a delight to see.

Saturday Evening, while the men attended Priesthood General Meeting, the Senior Sisters traveled about 30 minutes to a restuarant called A Taste of Texas.  It was a very nice restuarant, we enjoyed the food, and celebrated Sister Betty Diamond’s birthday while there. 

Sister Lanae Anderson (newly arrived), Sister Betty Diamond, Sister Linda Davis, Sister Wyona Wolfley, and me


Saying hello to a Texas Ranger with Sister Mardeen Stevens

Thursday nights are usually a good time to invite some of the nearby missionaries to dinner.  This particular evening, October 8, 2015, we 

dined with Elders Stevens, Toolson, Whitlock, newly released AP Barlow, and Sister Stevens.  Elder Barlow’s appearance was a surprise.  He had returned to Houston to attend a baptism of someone he helped teach the gospel.

On an earlier week we had Elder Progrewski and Elder Murdock over for dinner. Here they are sharing a message with us.  

 On our way to Saturday night Stake Conference we found them walking along the road from our apartments to the office and church building. They were offered a ride but the missionaries weren’t allowed to attend that meeting. So they were planning to knock on some doors to share a message about Jesus Christ. There are 197 missionaries in the Texas Houston Mission both English speaking and Spanish Speaking. The mission had 40 baptisms in the month of September.                                     

 Notice how there are no sidewalks—just very deep bar pits on each side. Those pits fill up quickly when it rains.  

Speaking of rain brings up the weekend of October 24-25, 2015. That’s when the remnants of Hurricane Patricia rolled into Houston. It rained for 3 1/2 days. We drove to Mark’s that Sunday because their children were in the Primary Program. Here’s the freeway on the way there. 


The Primary Program was so nice. The ward has a large Primary of children. You can see Molli before church on the piano bench and all the children in the next picture showing their Perler creations. It’s so great to see them now and then.   

 Each Tuesday night we go to the Houston Temple with the Stevens taking our family names. This night, October 27,  2015, was the Stevens’ 1 year mark on their 18 month mission. So we are celebrating after the temple with a great meal at Willie’s. Seems like we are always eating out!  


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