There’s Fall in the Air!

Some turkeys found their way to our apartment when the smell of pumpkin pie was strong. It’s so nice outside now.

We attended the Ponderosa Ward’s Truck or Treat activity on October 30, 2015. Then the next day Dave needed to go on a road trip around the west and north areas of the mission. The Stevens went along too. Part of the trip was to inspect three apartments for cleanliness. (The usual inspector is having health trouble.) The key didn’t work but no worries–Elder Stevens found an unlocked window. 

At another apartment the key also didn’t work and there was a board nailed on the outside window so it was taken off. Inside we went to look around. Besides inspecting apartments, helping empty furnishings at one being closed, we also were looking for a suitable apartment for an incoming senior couple. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015, Sister Butler, left of Dave, invited the missionaries for a dinner to show her appreciation. She was baptized a few years ago. 

It was raining that night and continued for 3 days. Our sidewalk at the apartments becomes a small stream as the water rushes to the parking lot.

 After the rain, sometimes mushrooms begin growing rapidly.  

 November 3, 2015, was a Transfer Day. Here we are saying good-bye to two great missionaries, Elder Awong, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Elder Platt, Utah standing in front of the office board of pictures. They were very trustworthy and helpful to Dave’s scheduled missionary moves. We will miss them both. 

The office fills up with lots of missionaries the two days of transfers as companionships are changed and temporary ones formed until new missionaries arrive. Elders Morris

s, Nelson, Sisters Renteria, Selee, Elders Perez, Cabrera,Whitlock, Queen.

November 7, 2015  found us at another Senior Missionary Conference at President & Sister Chappell’s (Counselor in the Mission Presidency) beautiful home. 


The day of the Senior Missionary Conference was Dave’s birthday by we didn’t sing to him. However the next day he was sung to at Mark and Brook’s house.


We got to meet President and Sister Mortensen’s oldest daughter, Mallory, the second week of November because she came home from her mission in New Jersey.

President, Mallory, Sophie, Sister Mortensen

November 16-17, 2015 the mission had a mission tour by Elder and Sister Allen Packer. (President Packer’s son) he taught the missionaries to use the family history booklets as a teaching tool. 

Before Thanksgiving, Sister Mortensen’s parents came for the holiday. Her parents are the President and Matron of the New Port Beach Temple in California.

Of course we went to Mark and Brooke’s for Thanksgiving. The first picture shows Dave and the kids after a bike ride. Then there are dinner preparation, dining and endulging in desserts.

On our way home the day after Thanksgiving, Dave and I stopped at several apartments to do inspections. In the ASL (American Sign Language) missionaries apartment we saw a large map of the Houston Metropolitian area on the wall which contained many colored flags. On each flag was written a person’s name representing deaf or hearing impaired individuals with whom they try to work.

 Meanwhile back at the office, sisters and elders come in frequently to get more teaching materials. Here are Hermanas Rupp and Dryden. (Spanish speaking)  


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