December Activities 2015

  A great gift to us from Mark, Brooke and family. Our favorite gift.
Love these cute grandkids.  It was a very Merry Christmas.
  The favorite Christmas gift. 
Christmas morning was a lot of fun!

December 24th we worked in the office but left in the early afternoon loaded with packages that arrived that day. Out to Katy, TX, we found some of the recipients of the packages, left them very happy while we drove to Mark’s house.   
 December 23, 2015 the Senior missionaries cooked, served, cleaned up, and packed up all the things needed to serve 225 hungry missionaries. The conference was wonderful, we were able to be a part of the instruction/program for a part of it. Afterwards we were exhausted!!    


Some Spanish speaking Elders back: Bonzo, Thorne, Schloer, Brasher, Cabrera, Norton, ___, Iosefa, Murdock. Front: Pigott, Gibbs, Hernandez, Chavez

The Stevens grandchildren, daughter and husband were in town for a visit. They were so much help both with the set up and the food prep the next day.   
On December 22nd the packages filled up the trailer when it was time for transporting them to the conference sight the night before. They had to be sorted alphabetically, moved with a dolly to the appropriate room by Dave and Elder Stevens which took 1 1/2 hours. Sisters Sumsion and Woodard made door signs and Sister Stevens checked the gift list one more time. In the background you can see Dave wheeling the dolly full of presents into a room.


Sisters Woodard and Sumsion were our office sisters for two weeks before Christmas. They finished their missions on December 28th.  

Here is the office mail room filling up with packages. Sometimes Fed Ex came 2 or 3 times a day in December. There were already 100’s in the garage by the time of this picture.  
Beginning in November the missionary’s parents were asked to send one Christmas package for missionaries to receive at the end of our Christmas Conference.   

 The next afternoon we drove back to  our apartment but going through the western side of the mission. Dave needed to make some apartment inspections. The last one was in Bellville which has a darling old downtown.   
 A drive down to Missouri City, Texas on December 11th brought us to Courtney and Molli’s Piano Recital. What a great performance by all the students. The thrill of the night was that Molli received most improved student trophy.   
 Decorating a small apartment is fun. Small touches add the Christmas feeling. Then we decorated the mission office with the help of missionaries.

First you get the decorations out.  
Elders Murdock, Graves, Toolson, Schloer

  Hermanas Christensen, Jorgenson, Elders Roberts, Hendrickson

Elders DeLuca, Nielsen, and Myers put sugar cookies on the tree for missionaries to eat when visiting the office.
   Zone Conference December 3, 2015

President and Sister Mortensen’s training was outstanding. She taught about unity using Mark 3: 1-5 while President instructed us concerning the Ward Mission Purpose/Vision. Likening Nephi 8, Lehi’s dream of the iron rod to bringing non members unto making covenants.

Dave helps Elder Stevens check the mission cars on a very cold morning ( frost on the church roof) while the missionaries were inside for the meeting.  

Betty helped Sister Stevens set the tables for lunch.

The second day at a different building for Zone Conference , we had to take pictures by a tree full of fall leaves. 

Other fall leaves were found at our apartments and behind the mission office. 

This next weekend we had a heavy rainstorm with a stiff wind which lasted 2 days and stripped or blew off most of the leaves.


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