January 2016

The new year arrived after we left a party with fellow Senior Missionaries gathered at Sisters Diamond and Davis’ apartment. Everyone brought a treat or snack type food. Some in the group played games while eating. We had lots of fun.    

 Sister Tuigamala, Elders Craig, Whitlock, Pogroszewski , Ferrin, Vickers, Queen,  Norton, Guzman, Sister Christensen in the office during transfer week.  
In the office one day we enjoyed seeing Elder Schloer, Hermanas Van Dyke and Christensen, plus Elder Norton. They are all wonderful missionaries. The Hermanas are teaching English classes at a school. The first day of class 100 people arrived. Now the class is split and they teach 60. From teaching English, the class members get to know the Hermanas and many will start asking questions about why they are in Houston etc.

 Saturday, January 15, 2016 we drove over to Waller, TX to see this couple married. Hermanas Sherbon and Renteria have been teaching them. Hermanas Renteria is from Mexicali, Mexico but her family has a house in Yuma just off 8th Street not far from our home there.

This fun Saturday, January 23rd, began with a breakfast cooked by the Stevens honoring Elder Ferrin who was leaving during the next week. From left Elder Renouard, Nelson’s, Elders Progrewski, Norton, Yanzon, Visser, and Ferrin.  


Then we went to see the San Jacinto Monument dedicated to the battle Sam Houston fought near this location that lead to the acquisition of much land from Mexico. 


During the week at transfer day we said good-bye to a terrific missionary, Elder DeLuca.   

 The Stevens family became interested in the church because their son’s friend invited him to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Here they are at the temple.

On the fourth Friday of each month the mission is scheduling the baptistery at the Houston Temple so new members can bring family names and be baptized for them. This was the first time and 45 new members arrived with missionaries and/or ward members. What a terrific occasion.

Robert Saenz, left, was baptized with his parents fall of 2015. The missionaries knocked on their door during tracting the neighborhood.

A Special Tri-Mission Conference was scheduled January 30th while President Russel M. Nelson was in Houston.  Each missionary got to shake his hand before the meeting started. Then we were spiritually feed by this marvelous servant of God.

  Sisters Nelson, Stevens, and Mortensen 
Elder Corbridge, President & Sister Mortensen, President Nelson


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