Birthday month—February 2016

The first weekend of February found us traveling to the San Antonio area Friday evening. The Stevens and Nelson spent the night and in the morning went to Natural Bridge Caverns. We ventured down into two different caverns, the second being the largest. 

 One area of the larger cavern was the size of a football field. Pretty fascinating.  

After a boat ride on the Riverwalk of San Antonio, we breezed through the Alamo because the time was getting late. A phone call to Elder Stevens hastened our return. Some missionaries had their car towed and impounded. That meant the men had to go provide proof of ownership, pay money, and drive it to wherever the missionaries lived. 

Beautiful birthday flowers from Brent’s family brightened my office. 

 February 8th our senior missionaries went to A Taste of Texas to celebrate my birthday and Sister Stevens.  From left Foxes, Nelsons, Sister Diamond, Andersons, & Sister Davis  


Nelson, Stevens, Roberts, Nielson, Hendrickson, Talbot, Moray, Thorne, Mattson

 The week of February 16th-18th was Zone Conferences. We attended on the 18th and Betty along with the other February birthday missionaries were sung to and given a treat.

 Sister Sheila Butler, a convert of about 14 months, went to the temple to receive her endowments. With her is a son, Necko, recently baptized. He was being baptized at the temple for family names the same day. Many ward member were there as well as the Stevens and Nelsons. 

Missionaries who taught Necko: Griffith, Croft, Necko, young girl from the ward, Christensen, Tuigamala    

Our husbands: “Two Peas in a Pod”. They both have to be working, cleaning, or moving all the time!

Senior Conference at the Chappels home. Back -Mortensens Foxes, Huefners, Andersons,Chappell, Larsens. Front-Stevens, Nelsons, Dismond  


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