April Showers & Storm

The wild flowers of Texas bloom in April. So off we went April 9th,  to see the state flower, the Bluebonnets.   

These purple ones are Bluebonnets. Then we also saw fields of pink poppies–acres and acres of them. 

With weather in the 70’s, a Bluebonnets Festival at Chappell Hill, TX, yummy food and our friends the Stevens, it was an enjoyable day. 


We toured an old firehouse museum in Brenham, TX   

Two of this unusual birds, the yellow crested night heron visited the little lake by our apartment and seem to be building a nest.

Sunday April 17, 2016 was our Houston North Stake Conference. Sister Jensen and I had to have a picture since we had similaiar colors. She’s a cutie.  With the Stevens and Elders Queen and James. 


That Sunday night the thunder started at 11:30 pm, continued with intense lightning all through the night with pouring rain. There was still lightning and thunder through the morning on Monday. A foot of rain fell in some area causing bayous, roads, and houses to flood. The street by the temple was flooded but not the temple.

Cypress Creek Bayou overflowing its banks near the temple.    The reflection of the temple in the picture below is the flooded street. The photographer used a blue lense to create the effect.

 Here are some of our elders helping flooded areas.


Elders Griffith, James, Barrus, Queen  

Elders Backstein, James, Queen & Hanks cleaned up tree branches at the office that were the result of the storm. 

  Dave worked at the peanut butter factory Friday night 22 April 2016 and earned his free jar take home.  

  We had a going away party for the Stevens as they are finished with their mission. Sisters Gardner, Diamond, Elder and Sister Andersen, Nelsons, Stevens, Huefners , Foxes 
Sisters Andersen, Gardner, Diamond, Fox, Nelson, Stevens , Huefner  

We gave them a print of a painting by a local artist, Ken Turner, called “I Will Go Before Your Face”. The print shows 2 actual sister missionaries of the Texas Houston Mission. As they walk a Texas road the Savior is before them with angels on the right, left and behind them.                                     “…I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.” D & C 84: 88


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