Marvelous March

Saturday March 5, 2016 we helped at the Montgomery County Food Event. Some volunteers bagged various food item but we registered the families as they waited in a line inside their cars. There were about 10 people registering and it took 2 hours. 

Sisters Nelson, Weaver, Stevens and Soto

Nelson, Diamond, Blessing, Stevens

A young mother whom we had befriended in our apartments had a baby boy. We took several meals over for the family. Blessing, the mother, and her husband were amazed that anyone would be so kind.  

March 8th with our departing missionaries. Thorne, Fa’asao, Edwards, Ita’ahau, Larson Elder Fa’asao is from Samoa, Sister Ita’ahau is from Tonga

There was a Special Stake Conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks in our stake March 13th. It was a wonderful meeting.

Tuesday night we go to the temple with the Stevens. March 15th we found these THM missionaries. They had been there with their own family names.

 Saturday, March 19th was a road trip with the Stevens to Schulenburg, TX to visit the painted churches. In the mid 1860’s the Bovarian and Cezh immigrants build humble little churches but painted the insides like their home country cathedrals. We saw 3 different ones. Pretty amazing.   

 Lunch was at this darling garden cafe where all the food was delicious!

The monthly “Faith in Family” night at the temple was March 25th. The missionaries bring their new converts to the baptistery with family names for baptism and confirmation. It’s a great experience for everyone. Dave and I check them in and take pictures afterwards.

Easter weekend took us to Mark’s family to celebrate the holiday plus Molli’s 12th birthday.

 It was so much fun being with them! We love living close to them.


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