May–One Year on Our Mission

 A trip to Mark and Brook’s for Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016, was special and so fun. 

Courtney, Adam, Porter, Molli 

We began our mission a year ago on May 18, 2015 and the time has flown along. The mission is having great success and is one of the top baptizing missions in North America.

May 17, 18, 19 was Zone Conference. Here we are (back center you can see Dave) at the lunch.
 Last weekend, May 21, we hung up a Texas Star in our apartment. I guess we’re getting a little Texan!  Texas Stars are everywhere — on houses, businesses, freeway pillars, inside businesses. It sort of grows on you. This star was bought at the Bluebonnet Festival we attended last month. 

Here’s an exciting trip to Walmart to buy cleaning supplies and bedding needs for the mission-aries. Dave has become an expert in which cleaning product really work. He’s been making lots of missionary moves. Some apartments are being closed, some need to move to be in their missionary area, some are moving because the lease ended and a better apartment was found. 

 Spring, rain and warmer weather has brought out lots of critters. The Assistants, Elder Wagner and Elder Taumoe’anga opened the garage door at the office May 22nd to find this little snake. Then something keeps biting Betty on legs and feet leaving red welts the itch and last two weeks. 

The missionaries are reporting bed bugs again. One apartment had to have a heat treatment.  

Outside the office on Friday, May 27, 2016, the rain began to pour again for the second day. The Taylors didn’t make it to the office as their streets were all flooded.  As we drove to the temple that night, all the creeks were running bank to bank. A couple of places the creek water was on the road even causing us one short detour.   

Normal water level

 Water level when flooding

A few days later we learned that the East TX Mission home was blocked all around by flood waters. We have stayed dry where we work and live but many places have suffered with flooding. One neighborhood north east of us was evacuated because an earthen dike could possibly break.

It’s been time to clean out all the old financial files in my office. This is just the beginning!

  Sister Jensen and Bates had fun learning to paint on their Preparation Day. 


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